Proposed Usage

The Alberta Shul would operate as a non-profit, and would provide programming as well as renting space for events. First priority for use of the space would go to Jewish groups, individuals, and organizations.

Shabbat and holiday services.
For west side congregations in Portland this center can be used as an outreach space, a way to create programming nearer to many of their current and prospective congregants.
Alternate minyanim
Shabbatons led by invited visiting clergy

Arts Space
for Jewish artists local and visiting to both creating art and showcasing that art
Jewish theater companies, local and national
Musical performances, Jewish or non-Jewish

Small weddings, b’nai mitzvah, brit milah, naming ceremonies
Jewish speakers, local and national

Social Justice/Advocacy
Meeting Space
Town Halls
Fundraising Events
Community Dialgoues

Ongoing Groups
Local groups already meeting Havdallah Yoga Group, Rosh Chodesh groups, etc


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