Proposal Authors

Eleyna Fugman – Community Liaison, Programming Director
Eleyna Fugman is an active participant in Portland’s Jewish community. She has served broadly in several local congregations over the past ten years—as a member, an educator, a service leader and now a communal service professional. She currently works as a membership engagement and outreach coordinator at Congregation Shaarie Torah in NW Portland. For seven years she has also been affiliated with Havurah Shalom, and more recently works with the Shir Tikvah community and the Eastside Commons Planning Team with Rabbi Ariel Stone.

Eleyna became passionate about the Jewish community reclaiming The Alberta Shul and its history when she found out about the history of the building in 2016. As a community organizer (Co-founder of Portland Showing Up for Racial Justice) she understands the importance of physical spaces in creating resilient communities. This vision is also enhanced by a sabbatical year she spent on Manhattan’s Upper West Side from Jan-Dec of 2105. Eleyna spent the year studying in several yeshivot and visiting countless Jewish congregations and minyanim for Shabbat and holidays to understand what makes these communities thrive.

Along with her passion to contribute to thriving religious Jewish life here in Portland, Eleyna also has extensive experience in sales and fundraising. For the past 13 years, she has worked part time as a lead sales representative for a small entrepreneurial manufacturer in Eugene and spent several years (2007-2011) as a campaign fundraiser and union organizer for the AFL-CIO and SEIU labor unions.

Contact: e. | c. 503.703.5205

Annie Rose Shapero – Funding and Donations Coordinator
Annie Rose is a successful realtor, small business owner, and housing advocate. Inspired by Judaism’s call for Tikkun Olam, tzedakah, and the performance of mitzvot, she seeks to bring Jewish principles into every aspect of her work and personal life.

She is Oregon’s first Certified Accessory Dwelling Unit Specialist Broker, an Earth Advantage Certified Broker and serves on the Earth Advantage realtor advisory committee. She also participates in an advisory capacity for realtor lobbying groups, non-profits, and urban planners, and frequently speaks to the Portland City Council and state legislature about housing related policies.

She has a deep understanding of zoning codes and city building codes, and thrives on helping clients use real estate in cutting edge ways, such as preserving and revitalizing historic properties, finding optimal properties for ADUs, helping clients incorporate income-generation into their current home or potential home, identifying properties with the correct zoning for adding multi-family units or adding additional houses, mixed-use commercial and residential, and helping clients find real estate opportunities for incorporating affordable housing or service-centered projects into their purchase.

In addition Annie Rose has close relationships with funders, mortgage brokers, and business owners and community leaders in real estate related fields. She is currently working on a how-to book called Outside the White Picket Fence, which will provide guidelines and case studies to empower the everyday homeowner or small scale developer to take on cutting-edge real estate projects in ways that are feasible and financially sustainable.

Contact: e. | c. 503.453.6447